5 Reasons Your First Aid Training Business Might Not Be Working For You

First Aid is a potentially lifesaving subject to teach.  We do it because we know it can make a real difference to individuals and communities, and we are passionate about helping people.

It is a rewarding and satisfying career that makes a difference.

We enjoy delivering a practical and active course and developing the skills of our students.

We also do it because it can be a sound business model that allows us flexibility in our lives and generates a reasonable income.

However, this isn’t always the case and it is always a good idea to take some time to reflect on whether the business is working for you

5 Reasons Your First Aid Training Business Might Not Be Working For You

  1. You don’t find training rewarding any more.

Training should be a rewarding thing to do, no matter what the subject, but this is often lost, especially once you find that you are delivering the same course repeatedly, to the same client group.  The students maybe don’t want to be there, and are hard work to motivate.  You are demotivated and frankly bored.

You know you can be a good trainer and you need some inspiration.  You need to do some personal development, maybe start delivering different types of courses to a larger range of clients, and regain the passion for first aid training that you once had.

  1. Your courses aren’t as enjoyable as they should be.

Quality training should be enjoyable, for both you and your students.  It should involve practical activity – lots of practical activity! You should be able to have a laugh with your students because you’ve gelled with them and everyone should finish the day having really enjoyed it.

Is this not happening? Do you need to mix up your training method, innovate, learn from other trainers and share best practice or delivery tips. Do you wish you had someone to ask how best to run a session if there is one in particular that you find difficult, or just isn’t quite getting across to your students?

  1. Your flexible career choice has become inflexible.

One reason that many people start their own business is the desire to lead a more flexible lifestyle. However the demands of actually running a business often mean that too is but a dream. Trapped by the need to earn money and keep your clients happy, process paperwork, try and do some marketing and bookkeeping now and again…  … the list soon gets longer than your allocated work time will allow.

You need to work as part of a team, where other trainers can train your clients to the same standard that you will, where you will still maintain that client relationship and earn an income from them – whether you train them or not. You need someone else to take care of website and marketing, and of bookkeeping and accounts.

  1. The administrative burden is eating into your free time.

We know that it’s important that training and assessing are carried out and recorded correctly, by appropriately skilled and qualified professionals. But does the seemingly never ending cycle of printing out, and then scanning and uploading, filling and sending of paperwork mean that your training day often goes on well into the evening?  What about when updates are handed down by the HSE, ERC or some other higher power?  And all that is forgetting the practicalities of managing course bookings, terms and conditions, changes to bookings or cancellations.  Are you an active and inspirational trainer, or tied to a desk?

You need someone who takes care of all of this.  You need someone who provides paperwork for you, and doesn’t ask for it back other than in digital format. You need someone to take care of course bookings and managing your clients’ various demands.  And you need someone who will ensure that everything you do is current and considered best practice.

  1. You aren’t earning enough money.

We aren’t in it for the money right? However there is a balance to be struck and we have to provide for our families as well as ensuring that our business is sustainable. Often it can feel a bit ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back’ as a client settles an invoice, but then you have to pay it all out again to cover your various expenses, leaving you with much less than you’d hoped.

You need a completely transparent system where there aren’t any hidden costs to you – you are paid fairly for your days’ work, plus any expenses, and you don’t need to pay any of that back out again other than the reasonable cost of maintaining your equipment. You don’t want to be paying for advertising and promotion, for website fees and other online systems.  You don’t want to pay for uniforms, for CPD courses, for insurance.

Do any of these strike a chord?  Do the solutions sound good?

We thought they might do, as it’s exactly where we were in early 2015, but not anymore.  Cory, myself, and a growing number of Associate Members and Licensees have discovered the benefits of working as a Co-operative, maybe it’s time that you should too.

There are multiple ways in which we can help you, including: Buying your business – managing your client list for you – bringing you onboard as a Member business – or signing you up as a licensee if you mainly train in-house for your staff team.

The first step though is to get in touch and let’s have a conversation about how we can help each other.

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