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Hannah says her first aid course ‘saved her life’

Hannah says her first aid course ‘saved her life’

Hannah attended a first aid course run by Medi-K and First Aid training Co-operative on September 1st and a few weeks later the knowledge she gained from the training saved her own life.

In mid-October Hannah, had a heart attack. This was totally unexpected as she is a young active equestrian. Hannah writes ‘I’m so glad I attended your excellent course… thank you for the advice that had quite literally saved my life!’.

On her first aid course heart attack signs, symptoms and treatments were described along with the potential use of aspirin for heart attacks. Hannah continues ‘please never ignore chest pain, tightness or any pain/heaviness radiating down your arms. Just call an ambulance. I also took aspirin the minute I suspected it may be a heart event and I think things could have turned out differently if I hadn’t…it will thin your blood almost immediately and help keep it flowing. By the time the ambulance arrived I was already feeling a bit better. Although this is really quite rare it can happen to young, fit and active women and I had never heard of it before it happened to me’.

Hannah’s first aid course ‘saved her life’.

first aid course ‘saved her life’

Prompted by her first aid training Hannah purchased some aspirin to have at home, which may well have been a lifesaving decision.  Find out more about using aspirin for a suspected heart attack.

After further tests by the hospital it turned out Hannah had suffered a 90% blockage in one of her main arteries due to a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). 90% of people who have a SCAD episode are women between 40 and 50.

Hannah says her first aid course ‘saved her life’

‘Can’t thank you enough for your sage advice and education. All the very best to you and your colleagues for doing an amazing job’, Hannah.

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